Sugar is bad for our body, we all know that by now. But several researches now show that it also affects our brain, and it’s not a small impact 💀 (references at the end of this post, because any serious nutritionist will not admit when someone says "Researches say that..." and don't actually show the research👀):

1)     Sugar crashes: can cause lack of focus, mood crash.. Have you felt sleepy 1 hour after having a sugary cake in the afternoon? We’ve all been there. 🥱
2)     Memory: The more sugar and refined carbs (carbs with high starch and no fibre) you eat, the more resistant you become to insulin (in a long term that can trigger diabetes). When that happens, glucose transport doesn’t work well anymore, decreasing mind energy accessibility. Basically, there is not enough fuel getting to your brain! That directly impacts memory.💡
3)     Dementia: Sugar produces Advanced Glycation Endpoints (AGEs), 'oxidize' proteins (just like tobacco does), so your blood vessels age faster. With “bumpy” blood vessel, the oxygen-rich blood can’t get to your brain. On a long term that can even impact on dementia. 🚧
4)     Children impact: there is a connection between sugar and mental degradation in children. A high sugar diet is linked to shrinkage of the hippocampal area of the brain, in addition to other structural changes and cognitive deficits.

And this is why here at Fitbakes ALL our products are made with LOW SUGAR, HIGH FIBRE, LOW NET CARBS and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, COLOURINGS OR FLAVOURINGS. But we do understand that TASTE is the main property when choosing a treat (otherwise we would all be living off kombuchas 😂) so we bring you GREAT TASTE, this way you can HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! 🎂









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