Ingredients: "Fructose, glucose, sucrose, malic acid, fatty acids, aspargine, serine, chlorogenic and protocatechuic acid"

Looking at the ingredients list of the product above, would you say it's:
- Ultraprocessed?
- Unhealthy?
- Full of nasties?
- Would you give it to your child?

Well, that is the composition of... an APPLE. 🍎

Be aware of people trying to scare you off with lines like "if you can't pronounce the ingredients, it's bad for you", "if a product has more than 5 ingredients, it's ultraprocessed"...
They can be, but they can also be not. In the same way that products made with as less as three ingredients can be great or terrible for your health.
What matters is the NUTRITION VALUES of the final product, it's STRUCTURE and its FUNCTIONALITY. It's not what is in the food, it's what has been done to the food.
Unfortunately nutrition is an extremely complicated science, that changes way too fast (we're finding out new information all the time), and it's hard to keep up with it. As a nutritionist myself, I have to read new published research weekly to be able to keep it up.

And the amount of self proclaimed "nutrition experts" everywhere is scary...

Rule of thumb:
💚 Fibre is the superhero
☣️ Sugar is poison

If you get these basic ones right, you're already halfway there.

Here at the Fitbakes 🧁 headquarters, we keep the whole team educated about what is ultra processed food as much as possible. 

So next time you hear quackery scare tactic lines claiming nonsense, think again, look at the product nutrition, and maybe have an apple! 🤗 🍎
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