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Meet the Team

 Ella, The Mix

Cake Executive Officer

Ella Rauen-Prestes

 Ella's favourite Fitbakes: "Cookies and Cream, warmed up for 30 seconds in the microwave, with low sugar vanilla ice cream, after supper, yum"


Lucien, The Icing

Lord Commander

Lucien Butler

 Lucien's favourite Fitbakes: "Jaffa Chocolate Cakes, as a mid morning snack in the office. Or better: on weekends on the golf course."


Greta, The Sprinkle

Social Media Warrior

Greta Staknyte

Greta's favourite Fitbakes: "Lemon Drizzle, with tea in the afternoon."


Mia, The Drizzle

Customer Service Master 

Mia Rhodes

 Mia's favourite Fitbakes: "Hazelnut Choc, for breakfast. I'm a crazy about Nutella, so being able to  have a cake topped with a healthier hazelnut spread with coffee in the morning is my dream come true. Cake for breakfast!"


David, The Ganache
Design Supreme
 David's favourite Fitbakes: "Carrot Cake!"


Piper and Bella, The Cherries on the Top

Guard Dogs

Piper and Bella

Piper and Bella's favourite Fitbakes: they can't have any! :)  But they love to play with the wrapping, such fun.


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