Which countries do you deliver to?

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UK (including Channel Islands).

How long will my order take to arrive?

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If you are in the UK, 3 working days maximum.

Which courier will bring my order? Do I have to sign for it?

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Your order will be delivered with Royal Mail Tracked. You will receive a text in advance, you do not need to sign for it, and your postie will take a picture of the delivered parcel for records.

What is the shelf life of the cakes? And what about the other products?

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They vary from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the flavour.  That's actually quite a long shelf life for a cake, and we're proud to have achieved it with no nasties! :)

Crunch bars have 12 months shelf life.

Tortilla Wraps have 10 months shelf life.

Do I have to keep it in the fridge?

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No need! Just keep them in a cool dry place.

Although, in the Summer we recommend to put the cakes in the fridge, just in case.

How many SW and WW points is a pack of cake?

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You can find all our products in the top nutrition apps, including My Fitness Pal™ , Slimming World ™ and Weight Watchers ™ app.

How much is shipping?

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£3.80 for all the UK and if you order over £24 in products, we pay for your shipping!

How is the 1g Net Carbs calculated in the Tortilla Wraps?

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This product is manufactured in continental Europe to be sold in the UK and US, so some nutrition details might be considered a bit differently, so we calculated the Net Carbs for you in the safest way possible. Here is goes:

Net Carbs in the UK are calculated by
considering only the carbohydrates that affect someone’s blood sugar levels,
therefore considering the formula below:

Total Carbs – Fibre – Polyols = Net Carbs.

Therefore in the case of Fitbakes Tortilla Wraps, if you consider that per wrap there
are 123 calories, from which 36 calories come from the 9 grams of protein, and
45 calories come from the 5 grams of fat, it leaves us with 42 calories to come
from carbs, which considering 4 calories per gram of total carbs, leaves us
with 10.5g of total carbs (UK way of considering it).

Now as from these 10.5 grams of total carbs, 10 grams are
fibre, as you may see in the label. So if we substitute in the formula below,
we have the following:

Total Carbs – Fibre – Polyols = Net Carbs

10.5 – 10 – 0 = 0.5


Rounding up 0.5 to 1, we have a total of 1g net carbs.

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