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  • Looking for mint chocolate reduced cal snack that is plant based? You can’t go wrong with the Mint Chocolate Crunch Mini Bars by Fitbakes. Low in sugar and calories, our keto friendly mint bar gives you fit cookies dark chocolate taste without the guilt. If you like After Eight®, after 8 mints, after eights, after eight chocolate, after eight chocolates, imagine having all that taste pleasure with none of the sugar effect!



    This low calorie bar is made with real chocolate with no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. And with just 65 calories per bar, it’s one of the lowest calorie bars in the UK.


    Here is why you’ll love these high fibre, gut friendly bars made with natural ingredients:


    😍🍪 LOW SUGAR : Each of our chocolate with mint mini skinny crunch bars are just 65 calories. Fit bakes healthy diet snacks fit cookies are low sugar snacks. Small but mighty, our tasty, crunchy, fit cookie, mini skinny chocolate bars are wrapped in low sugar chocolate mints.


    🌱🏃🏼 KETO BARS & DIET BARS: Less than 1 Net Carb per bar. Slimming club, Keto diet, zoe & Atkins diet friendly. Our low sugar bars are the perfect low carb dark chocolate bars. Guilt free keto chocolate with mint indulgence for the Keto slimming foodie in need of fresh ideas for Keto food, a Keto bar, or a Keto snack.

    🍫❤️ HEALTHY mint chocolates: Deliciously crunchy bar with no artificial ingredients. Fitbakes diet snacks are a Weight Watchers Snacks WW Wellness Wins Program official partner. They are also suitable as diabetic sweets and snacks.

    🥇✅ AWARD WINNING HEALTHY FOOD : Nourish Awards Winners. Why not try all our reduced-fat snacks flavours? Belgian Chocolate, & Orange Crunch. Our delicious snacks will keep your cravings at bay.

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