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We all know that dangerous craving for something baked when on a keto lifestyle. Well, now you can easily satisfy your cravings with the Fitbakes Tortila Wraps. Our low carb wraps give you high protein, plant-based, keto-diet friendly base to make healthy and yummy pizza, or ready for you to wrap a tortilla



Create different wraps using veggies, keto sauces, cheese, and meat. As one of the lowest carb wraps, these allow you to reduce your calorie intake when you want to eat something that is flavourful. As a bonus, you can use them as a base for your keto-friendly meat feast pizza.

Here are more reasons to love our low carb wraps:


💚NO PALM OIL!!!: Our wraps contain NO PALM OIL. They are made with British rapeseed oil. Oil rapeseed or rap oil is a national treasure which is low in saturated fats. Cutting down on saturated fat and replacing them with foods higher in unsaturated fat can help improve cholesterol levels. 


🔽 REDUCED CALORIE SNACKS, HEALTHY SNACKS: Full size low calorie wraps tortilla large enough for a tasty, filling meal, our reduced calorie wraps are ideal for healthy diet snacks & protein snacks low calorie options


💚 1 NET CARB PER WRAP FOR KETO, ZOE & ATKINS WEIGHT LOSS DIETS Go Lo, our tortillas contain only 1 net carb per base. Using only low carb flour & keto flour, we bake our wraps using a keto bread dough. Why not try it as a low carb pizza base? Shredding for the wedding? Our seriously low carb bread wraps are the perfect skinny food tortilla wraps or protein wraps for Mr & Mrs to be.


🍲 LOW SUGAR SNACKS & TREATS: Looking for sugar free snacks? Try our low sugar wraps with your favourite low sugar chocolate spread for a low sugar treat - the perfect no sugar treat to avoid the sugar crash. Try gently toasting our wraps for even more food menu options.


🍽️ HIGH PROTEIN SNACKS - KETO FOOD IDEAS: Counting carbs and cals? Looking for inspiration for keto recipes for dieting? For protein snacks low calorie & low carb snacks for your diet, try making your favourite Fajitas with our tasty low carb keto wrap. Toast our keto tortilla wraps for protein crisps and protein chips - a new protein food idea to inspire your low carb recipes. On the top of your list of keto foods and your keto shopping list.


🌱 PLANT BASED SNACKS : Why not try our wraps as a vegan pizza base?

Lower carbs, lower calories in these low carb wraps UK. The easiest way to cut calories and carbs in hundreds of dishes.  Puts your foodie favourites right back on the menu with less carbs and dramatically fewer calories than traditional pizza bases, bread, cakes and pastry products.


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