I know it doesn't make sense at first, 😕but hear me out: An adult in the UK nowadays consumes on average 8.4 g/day of salt. A few centuries ago (before refrigerators were invented and we had to salt cure food to preserve it), the average salt consumption was 15 g/day. So why are there so many more cases of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases nowadays??? Because of sugar. Yes, sugar.
Explaining: our kidneys are very good at getting rid of the salt, and they used to deal just fine with 15g/day. But there is one main thing that prevents the kidney from functioning well: insulin resistance. Insuline resistance is caused by high consumption of sugar and refined carbs. ☠️
So basically the poor nutrition products the food industry threw on us in the last few decades, with high sugar, low fibre and high refined carbs, has damaged our bodies to a level where insulin resistance now occurs, meaning our kidneys can't even handle salt anymore.🫣

This is why here at the Fitbakes HQ we are always working on non-HFSS products, so we can reduce the saturated fat, sugar, and salt of the UK population. A good diet will make EVERYTHING in our bodies work better.💚

I'm citing here the studies I am referring to, in case anyone would like to go deeper:

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