Low Cal Summer Jello Shots

This is a great idea for warm Summer nights! It has some alcohol, which makes it more fun, and still low in calories!
From all alcoholic beverages, vodka is the best one in terms of carbs, calories, etc. So if you choose one day to have a drink (and we all need it), go vodka style!

1 lemon
1 lime
​1 orange
1 pack of sugar free pineapple jello
1 pack of sugar free lemon jello
1 pack of sugar free strawberry jello

300 ml warm water
300 ml of cold water
300 ml of vodka

Method of preparation
Dissolve the each pack of jello in 100 ml of warm water.
Add remaining 100 ml of cold water to each of them and mix well.
Add 100ml of vodka in each mix and set it aside.

Cut the lemon, orange and lime in half.
Remove all the pulp to leave the shell clean.
Then place the gelatin liquid inside the shells.
Take the refrigerator to freeze (about 40 minutes).
Finally, cut into slices and serve!
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