Avocado is always a winner, but we specially love it in the Summer. Full of fibre, good fats, double the potassium content of the banana, it contains vitamins E, B6, and antioxidants. And, it's so yummy!

The following recipe is ready in 20 minutes and yields a portion.

500 g avocado diced in small cubes
½ lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
50 ml apple cider
1 teaspoon chopped dill
1 spoon of coffee
Pink pepper to taste

Method of preparation
In a bowl, place the avocado cubes.
Add the lemon juice, the olive oil, the cider and mix well.
Add the dill, the pink pepper, the ground salt and stir well.
Arrange the tartar in a hoop.
Garnish with pink pepper and uncover.
Serve with bread flour.


Enjoy on a hot summer day!

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